CLPS match September 2009

1st K Dellard Peg 3 with 26lb 2nd G Whiting Peg 14 with 25lb 3rd A Parker Peg 26 with 20lb 4oz 4th H Seder Peg 22 with 15lb 5th N Moxton Peg 25 with 14lb 2oz

Wire Mill Match 10th September 09

1st Tom Peg 20 with 21lb 02oz 2nd John Peg 5 with 21lb 3rd John (guest) Peg 23 with 20lb 08oz 4th Phil Peg 7 with 20lb 5th Max Peg 26 with 18lb 08oz 6th Mark Peg 25 with 15lb 12oz

West Ewell Angling Club 5th July 09

1st Frank Briscoe Peg 12 with 33lb 08oz 2nd Jim Heasman Peg 25 with 32lb 08oz 3rd Kevin Carslake Peg 10 with 20lb 08oz 4th John Poulton Peg 3 with 20lb 5th Steve Woods Peg 2 with 15lb 08oz 6th Peter Carslake Peg 8 with 14lb

Three Kings August 20th 2009

1st on peg 25...... 53lb 12oz 2nd on peg 22...... 52lb 10oz 3rd on peg 19....... 52lb 9oz 4th on peg 18....... 32lb 3oz

Epsom A/C 16th August 2009

1st Jason on peg 24 with 28lb 12oz 2nd Steve on peg 6 with 22lb 3rd Bob on peg 26 with 18lb 12oz 4th Paul on peg 1 with 16lb 4oz 5th Bossy on peg 11 with 15lb 12oz 6th Jim on peg 25 with 13lb 12oz

Ewell A/C 26th July

1st Jamie Peg4 with 24lb 4oz 2nd Tony Peg 1 with 13lb 12oz 3th Mick Peg 7 with 12lb 8oz 4th Harry Peg 8 with 11lb 8oz 5th Graham Peg 25 with 11lb 2oz 6th Peter Peg 6 with 10lb 12oz

Ewell A/C 5th May 09

1st Frank peg 12 33lb 8oz won with sweetcorn and maggot 2nd Jim peg 25 32lb 8oz 3rd Kevin peg10 20lb 8z 4th John peg 3 20lb 5th Steve peg 2 15lb 8oz 6th Pete peg 26 14lb

CLPS 28th June 2009

1st Gary peg 12 with 40lb 2nd Keith peg 4 with 31lb 7oz 3rd Andy peg 1 30lb 2 oz 4th Bob peg 13 with 24lb 8oz 5th Andy peg 15 with 24lb 2 oz 6th Ray peg 21 with 22lb 8oz

South Park Guinea Lake 21st June

1st Mark peg 24 with 42lb 12oz caught on paste on the pole 2nd Ron peg 3 with 32lb on maggot 3rd Dave peg 11 with 26lb 12oz on lucheon meat The rest of the weights are in double figures


Anybody found using a barbed hook will be banned, with immediate effect, from all of our lakes.